Artwork Specifications

Most of our users love to use the automated design system, but we can also print your artwork files. In order to better serve our customers we have some simple artwork requirements.

Upload Your Own Artwork

Our system allows you to upload JPEG files only at this time. Make sure your files are the right dimensions and at least 300 dpi. For detailed size specifications, click here.

Send Us Your Files, And We Can Upload Them

Just send u your artwork and we will put it into the system for you. Only upload your FINAL artwork files. Please, ONLY upload artwork that is READY TO PRINT. If a designer must work on your file to make it print ready, you will be notified of any charges before work will be done.

PDF Is PrefferedThe reason we prefer this file is that the file is totally self contained. All text, graphics and fonts are part of the single PDF file making it the fastest to proof and print. It also compresses the file for easier uploading or emailing.

Please save all PDF files at 300DPI and embed all fonts. Any fonts that are being used for areas that will have our Variable Input Technology must be included separately with your file. No artwork marks, crop marks or color bars are needed, so make sure to shut them off.

Other acceptable applications and files types are:

Adobe Photoshop Files (.PSD), TIFF, JPEG, EPS, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Office (Word & Powerpoint)

Make sure to use high resolution (300DPI) images, not images from the internet. ZIP(PC) or Stuff(MAC) the image and upload. Because of the incompatibility of Microsoft files and the print process, some features in Publisher, Word and Powerpoint may not print accurately. Please review your design carefully to make sure it matches your original design.

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