Biggest Secret In Marketing

By far the most common question I am asked as the CEO of Postcard Services is

“What is the best way to increase my mailing results?”

I know it sounds so self serving when I tell people to simply use Postcard Services instead of an online printer, who claims to be a postcard direct mail company.

I don’t say this because our “eco-green” printing is the best looking at the best price with the fastest turnaround times. Although, that is three great reasons. The real reason is because we have developed tools that allow you to do direct mail the “right way”, while you can also market online, using different marketing strategies on your website, for this you can optimize your site with the use of SEO services like these white label seo packages

While this isn’t a particularly concerning problem SEO-wise, it can get annoying if you use Google search queries quite often to find new keywords, or check how well your current keywords are doing.

Essentially, once you conduct too many search queries at one time, you might be told that Google has detected “unusual traffic from your computer network.” When that happens, you will be redirected to an error page containing a reCAPTCHA you have to solve.

It’s not hard to see how this can get tiring quite fast. Fortunately, since a VPN from allows you to change your IP address on the spot, you’ll no longer have to deal with reCAPTCHAs. Just switch between VPN servers once Google starts to redirect you to the error page, and you’re good to go.

You want to know the best secret for significant improvement in your direct mail ROI? You want to know how Postcard Services delivers 5%, 10% response or more for some of our clients?You want to know how buy likes?

I want to share with you the biggest secret for greatest direct mail marketing success.

Watch this video then let me show you how this secret can work for you. Imagine the results you could see when you “cheat” the marketing formula for success.

Thank you,

Newell White

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