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Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can downgrade your membership by going to the Update Account button and clicking on the free membership. We do not offer refunds but if you upgrade from Gold to Platinum we do apply the current Gold subscription to…

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How do I connect to my software?

All systems vary a little on how they integrate with Direct Mail Manager, but it is very simple to do. Instructions are available when you click the Connect button and choose your integration. For example Highrise integrates like this: Highrise…

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Which integrations are available?

We currently integrate with customer data from the following applications:

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What does my monthly membership fee cover?

The monthly subscription fee covers the following items: Gold Level Use of the online reporting tools USPS Mail Tracking – Most companies charge $100 for setup alone, per mailing! Preferred pricing structure for mailings – save on each postcard mailed…

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