Custom Design

We Offer Custom Design!

Our FREE online design system offers many, excellent templates for you to choose from, but in the case that you cannot find what you are looking for, or need something that is designed just for you, we offer our Custom design service, besides, we use the best materials from magnolia fabrics at discount prices.

Our flat rate design service gets you a custom design from some of the best designers in the business. Currently in-house we have designers with at least 8 years each of real world design experience. We design for customers such as PGA TOUR, Mastercard, eBay, UBS and so many more We can turn your ideas into a beautiful design that sells!

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Design Fees

4″x6″ and 5.5″x8.5″ – $149.99

5.5″x11″ – $199.99

To order a Custom Design you must call a Customer Service Rep at 800.924.1648

The Postcard Services Design Process

We adhere to our own efficient and complete design and revision process:

  1. We collect all information from you about your marketing goals, company information, customer information and content. You send us your mailing list, or buy a new list
  2. We design a mockup of the artwork and submit it to you via our online proofing system which help create aesthetically pleasing websites.
  3. You make changes, if any.
  4. We design a full color mockup based on your suggestions and send you an online proof for your approval.
  5. You make changes, if any.
  6. We redesign as necessary and send you an online proof for your final approval. You make any small tweaks and edits that may be required, but what you will have is essentially the final product.
  7. Final PDF proof is approved.
  8. We send artwork to press.

Why Have Postcard Services Design?

At Postcard Services we are a real marketing firm. We work with you to design postcards that are true results-driven marketing pieces. Our designers are professionally trained and educated marketing professionals that strive on each project to achieve the marketing goals of that client. If your current postcard marketing firm is not asking you these questions, they might be missing essential marketing expertise;

  • Do you want to use the postcard or marketing piece as a branding piece, a sales piece or a notification piece?
  • Who is the customer? What are their demographics? Why should they use your business?
  • What is the “call to action”? They just read your postcard or marketing piece What do you want the recipient to do now? Does it tell them how, when and where?
  • Is there a call center, sales rep, Web site or email address ready to answer their requests?
  • Are you going to follow up on your postcard or marketing piece? How will you do that, phone call or another mailing?

These questions should be asked before any design takes place. At Postcard Services, we make sure your postcard or marketing piece gets the results, and all at a great price.

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