How Does Direct Mail Manager Help Your Business?

When we work with our customers on their direct mail projects, our staff has a large selection of tools to offer them. We can offer our Mailing List Generators, FREE Online Designs, and our overall direct mail expertise. The ultimate tool in our direct mail toolbox is the Direct Mail Manager Web App. This tool enables small business to succeed with direct mail like never before, and with the use of the asp .net cms software as well.

We’re always excited to share the reviews we receive as leaders in direct mail, most recently a long-time customer commended Direct Mail Manager after transitioning from Postcard Services and Realty Postcard. Despite our other services working well for them, the day came where we simply asked if they wanted to try Direct Mail Manager, visit this web-site to learn more about web development.

“We began using Realty Postcard in March 2013 for announcing real estate sales, new listings, and market activity. We received excellent customer service and were pleased with the quality of work. Visit this website for more details At the recommendation of a customer service representative, we began using Direct Mail Manager in September 2013. We have enjoyed its ease of use, lower cost per postcard, and reporting tools. A customer service representative walked me through the entire process – from uploading my artwork and mailing list to creating and mailing a campaign. Orders are typically produced and mailed within 48 hours, so our postcards reach our target audience in a timely manner. For a low monthly fee that usually pays for itself with one mailing, we receive discounts on postcard pricing and access to mail tracking reports. Nearly 50 orders and over 16,500 postcards later, we look forward to continued success with Direct Mail Manager.”

Leslie Hucks, Marketing Director, Akers Ellis Real Estate & Rentals, Charleston, SC

We were amazed at the glowing feedback, thank you Leslie! Needless to say, we love what we do and we love helping you be successful with direct mail! The Direct Mail Manager tool was made for small business to accomplish all of what Leslie said:

  • Provide Easy To Use Direct Mail Tools
  • The Ability To Target Customers With Speed & Accuracy
  • Fast 48 Hour Mailing Turnaround
  • Low Cost Per Piece
  • Reporting and Tracking Tools
  • Software Integrations To Automate Your Direct Mail

Direct Mail Manager is a new approach to direct mail for small businesses.

The tools at Direct Mail Manager can help any business succeed with direct mail without the complexities of a traditional print and mail company. By thinking outside the box, we were able to put our customers’ direct mail success first. There have been over 1.5 Million pieces of mail passed through the Direct Mail Manager system in the last 9 months and we are hearing success story after success story. Will you be next?

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Please call 800.924.1648 to see how Direct Mail Manager can help your business succeed. Or visit today and sign up for your FREE 30 Day Trial!

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