EDDM Details and Information

With Every Door Direct Mail® service from the U.S. Postal Service®, you can reach the market that matters most to your business: nearby neighborhoods. Postage is as low as 14.5¢ per piece – and you don’t even need to know names or street addresses. You simply identify the neighborhoods you want to target, and your printed piece is delivered with the day’s mail to every address.

Specifications for using Every Door Direct Mail service

  • Submit your mailing at the Post Office™ serving the area you want to reach.
  • Send up to 5,000 mailpieces per day.
  • Keep your per-piece weight to 3.3 ounces or less.
  • Use Standard Mail® flats in the sizes provided by Postcard Services

Key benefits of Every Door Direct Mail

  • No postage permit required – Saves you the annual cost of buying one.
  • No names or addresses needed – Instead of printing names and street addresses, you use the approved Every Door Direct Mail® format (“Local Postal Customer”).
  • Plenty of room for your message – Every Door Direct Mail offers a flexible range of sizes, making it ideal for announcing sales, sending coupons, and much more. Our size options are postcards (6.5” x 9”), and oversized postcards (8.5” x 11”).
  • As close as your local Post Office – You can submit your mailing at the Post Office that serves the area you want to reach. You can pay for postage with cash, check, or debit card.

Who Should Use EDDM?

Retailers: Automotive, restaurants and pizzerias, pharmacies, clothing stores, furniture dealers like Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture, flower shops, coffee shops, bakeries, and more.

Service-Based Businesses: Attorney’s, child therapists professionals that recommend the best weight loss formula you can find online, dry cleaners, home-improvement companies, real estate firms, and more. You can also find a health care specialist like  Anti Aging Scottsdale

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