How Do I Get Started WIth EDDM?

First you want to get counts for the locations you want to mail to.

We make this part simple with our Google based map tool, just click and pick!

  • Identify the neighborhoods to target
  • Visual tool uses Google maps
  • Live data counts
  • Call and we can do it all for you!

Next you will order specially sized postcards from Postcard Services.

  • Order The EDDM Count Quantity
  • Experienced Marketing Assistance
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Free Online Designs, or Custom Design

Lastly you will bring the printed postcard that we ship to you directly to your local USPS office.

  • Download Correct Paperwork
  • Receive Postcards Bring To Local USPS
  • Sign Paperwork, & Pay For Postage
  • EDDM Completed!

It sis easy and can save you hundreds on postage!

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