How Small Business Direct Mail Doubled Last Month & What This Means For You

This title may not be true for all small businesses, but according to the number of pieces mailed in February using Direct Mail Manager by Postcard Services, our small business customers are leading the charge.

Mail Volume In Direct Mail Manager Doubled Again From January!


What does this mean to you in the small business community?

1. We Have The Best Customers In The World

2. Small Businesses Are Successfully Using Direct Mail

3. Our Direct Mail Manager Web App Helps Them Do It


1. We Have The Best Customers In The World

Yes, we have the best customers in the world, they know that and we know that. Smart, educated and web savvy customers who know direct mail works and they can make it work even better for them, without spending more from their marketing budget.

2. Small Business Is Successfully Using Direct Mail

Smart small businesses are using all the web based tools that are available to them, from financial and CRMs to ecommerce and detailed lead tracking. They are collecting data and marketing to it using Social Media, Email and now Direct Mail. By integrating the data they are collecting with targeted direct mail campaigns in Direct Mail Manager, they experience real success without the major costs associated with traditional direct mail campaigns.

3. Our Direct Mail Manager Web App Helps Them Do It

We developed Direct Mail Manger to integrate with and function just like Web Apps that small businesses may already be using. The major difference with this marketing system is that it allows small businesses to send tangible direct mail postcards which create a tactile experience between the small business and their customers. It creates a single feeling of importance to the recepient beyond an email or a tweet, thus leading to greater loyalty and customer activity.

Our customers are changing the small business marketing landscape one postcard at a time and we are happy to be a part of it. Direct Mail Manager and Postcard Services may not really be keeping the USPS in business on our own, but we like to think we are helping small business stay in business.


If you have any questions about Direct Mail Manager and how it can help your small business succeed with direct mail, please do not hesitate to call us toll free 800.924.1648 or visit Direct Mail Manager for more information.

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