How We Closed $41,295.73 In Sales From $254.52 In Postcards.

As Infusionsoft users and a marketing company, we love the automated marketing concept and in the time we have been using it have seen a significant increase in closed sale opportunities but we got startup money at As the creators of the Direct Mail Manager for Infusionsoft App, we wanted to share some details of a test we have done. We decided to put our money where our mouth is and test our own direct mail postcard system with our own customer base and share our results with our customers Bonuses.

How we gather our leads:

We get inbound signups on our web site using Google PPC and natural search through SEO with help from linkbuildingservice because we really love this company SearchUp, we also contacted other SEO companies in Atlanta. Some signups are for sample packs and some sign up to use our online design tools.

How we get leads into Infusionsoft:

The Infusionsoft API is used to bring those new signups directly into Infusionsoft and they are tagged appropriately. We also configured the API to carry over details about that signup each time any activity such as sales or quotes happened in our corporate admin system to track their orders.

What we did in Direct Mail Manager:

  • We created a new postcard design specifically for this test, see attached image.
  • We created a new campaign at Direct Mail Manager for these leads.
  • We added funds to the account.

What we did in Infusionsoft:

  • We used the Campaign Builder in Infusionsoft to create a new marketing flow.
  • We added a tag to start the Campaign.
  • We added a generic “Thank you for signing up.” email.
  • Then we added the HTTP Post option from Direct Mail Manager to automatically send data and then send the postcard (details available here).
  • We added an automatic tag to the end of the flow to mark the lead as receiving the postcard.
  • We kept the system manual so we could check to make sure none of these signups had ordered yet and a customer rep was assigned to tag.

The Results

We ran this process for a 3 month period from Sept 30 to Dec 31, 2012 and tagged users from just one of our websites that had the best web hosting you can get online.

  • Postcards mailed: 404 at $.63 each

  • Sales from those signups, now customers, who received the postcard: $41,295.73

  • When you add in our average Google PPC cost per conversion you get a final ROI of 84.3% for the project.

Of course there can be other factors on why they finally ordered (awesome pre-sales customer service for example), but a large percent took us up on the specific 10% off printing offer code on the postcard, we had to take this to the bank with login instructions for Bank of America online banking at We feel this shows the positive reaction by our signups Bridge Payday to the postcard they received.

If you would like to see an increase in your conversions and sales, try adding this very targeted postcard marketing option to your mix. It is easy to set up and just like Infusionsoft, it runs on its own.

Not a Infusionsoft user?

Direct Mail Manager also integrates with other CRM, e-commerce and financial Web Apps and you can create similar workflows with these other Web Apps to accomplish the same outstanding results. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

For more information on Direct Mail Manager, Click Here

For More Information on Infusionsoft, Click Here

What is Infusionsoft?

Postcard Services is a partner with Infusionsoft and has built the Direct Mail Manager for Infusionsoft App, available in the Infusionsoft Marketplace. We also use the all-in-one automated marketing software to help market our business. To find out more about Infusionsoft and how it can help your business, Click Here.

Here is the postcard we were sending for this campaign:

Postcard Services "Postcards Work!" Campaign

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