Is Direct Mail Part Of Your Automated Marketing? It Should Be.

Marketing automation. A huge buzzword for small business.

Direct Mail Manager is doing their part to help automate direct mail marketing and Email Verification Services for thousands of small businesses, and now, so is Lead Liaison. Lead Liaison has launched integration of direct mail into their suite of multi-channel marketing tools, what they call Revenue Generation Software™.

apiLogos-leadliasonLead Liaison’s Revenue Generation Software™ helps businesses of all sizes accelerate sales by attracting, converting and closing business. Using the new Direct Mail tool along with Email, Web Form, and Social Media tools, Lead Liaison has created a platform that can help any size business increase their leads, and market to them successfully, using a simple drag and drop interface!

Direct mail works with data rooms providers that offer their clients the convenience of uploading documents directly from their email,  GDPR saves them time and hassle of signing into the platform when life becomes hectic, also giving them the most secure platform  with their confidential documents or information.

Why did Lead Liaison add Direct Mail Manager to their suite of automate tools?

“We added Direct Mail Manager to our suite of automation tools since they were one of the few partners that supported Webhooks,” says Ryan Schefke, Product Manager at Lead Liaison.

“The integration with Lead Liaison’s ability to call Webhooks was very simple. It took us about 15 minutes to add and test the integration. We also liked their company and their flexibility. For example, our customers can fund their account with enough to send a single postcard or thousands. They didn’t impose high costs that make direct mail a non-starter. We feel Direct Mail Manager’s service is instrumental in our continual efforts to help companies deliver multi-channel marketing campaigns.”

“We added Direct Mail Manager to our suite of automation tools since they were one of the few partners that supported Webhooks”

Email and social media are tightly-woven into everyday business and personal life, whether that’s a good or bad thing. However, many customers don’t open promotional emails, and even more customers have a sea of messages to sift through. Consequentially, online marketing communication is never even seen. Direct mail has a tactile advantage over online slots marketing, with over four times better response rate! (4.4% response rate, compared to email’s rate of 0.12) Direct mail gives businesses an edge over others by being in the home or office of a prospective customer, without spam concerns. Multi-channel marketing leaves no lead unturned!

Lead Liaison uses the simple Webhook option in their tools to integrate any Direct Mail Manager campaign into their Lead Liaison campaigns. Simple, but very powerful!

Automate direct mail and see how you can increase ROI and convert leads that may have otherwise ignored your business or gone elsewhere. Add to your ROI with Lead Liaison multi-channel marketing tools and see your sales increase. Click here to read more about Lead Liaison and how to get started today. Our marketing division has promoted extremely powerful companies like Webdesigndoc  which excels in all marketing aspects and divisions.
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