Mail Tracking For All Of Us!

Did you know that big companies have access to marketing tools unlike small businesses?  Now you have access to these great tools as well. One of the complicated, expensive but extremely useful tools they get to use is United States Post Office (USPS) Mail Tracking. So guess what we did for you? We integrated with the USPS and now are tracking all mailing through our new web site.

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How does USPS Mail Tracking work?

The USPS Mail Tracking works by putting a Intelligent Mail Barcode or IMb on each mail piece and tracks it through the USPS mailing system. Each time the barcode is scanned by the USPS mailing equipment it sends the time, location and delivery status back to USPS Servers. Pretty cool huh? We always thought so but setup costs and red tape stopped us from offering it to you. So we have begun putting this barcode on every mail piece sent through and made a direct data connection to the USPS server. Now you can see on a Google map, where your mail is and the current status.

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How can I benefit from USPS Mail Tracking?

  • Ensure delivery with in-home dates
  • Know when your message reached your target
  • Track success rates for direct mail
  • Synchronize multi-channel marketing
  • Improve ad response rates
  • Improve customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Provide overall structure to your direct mail

Unlike our competitors, who charge a hefty setup fee and make you fill out lots of paperwork, we have made it simple for you to track your mail. To use our new USPS Mail Tracking service you just need to sign up for a Gold or Platinum membership at and start mailing. Simple huh? Oh by the way, when you sign up for a Gold or Platinum membership you also get Preferred Pricing saving you money on each mailing, no matter how small. Continue reading loanovao

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Please contact any of our customer service representatives at 800.924.1648 if you have any questions about how this system can make direct mail work for you.

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