Quick Tips For Organizing Your Mailing List

It’s the holiday season, and one of the great things about this time of year is sending and receiving thoughtful holiday cards. Customers who receive a card from you will love that you are thinking of them.

Sending out those cards is easier than ever! Direct Mail Manager’s holiday card tool makes creating and sending those cards quick and easy, without you ever having to lick an envelope!

Gather Your Contacts

With all of your online tools, email accounts, and even social profiles, you may have contacts spread out all over the place. The first thing to do is to gather up your contacts and get them into one central customer database.

Most places where you have contacts stored offer a way to export them. Go through your different pieces of software and export the customers you have interacted with this year. This might be people who have received and invoice from you, or people you’ve had email or social conversations with. Check things like your ticketing software and your email list as well.

Organize Your Lists

When you export contacts from various places, you will be left with a series of spreadsheets. You can either organize all of the contacts into one big spreadsheet or import them into a social CRM tool, such as Batchbook.

If you are using a spreadsheet, just copy and paste all of the pertinent mailing information in. You will likely add some people more than once. As long as the contact information is the same, you can use a spreadsheet tool like Excel to find your duplicates and remove them.

If you use a CRM, check to see if you can de-dupe your contacts either when you import them or after they are in your database.

Sort and Send

After you gather your list and remove duplicates, you are ready to use that list to send your cards. If you need to, you can sort a spreadsheet by name or Zip code.

If you are using Batchbook or another CRM that integrates with Direct Mail Manager, you can easily send your list over.

With an organized list in hand, the rest is just a matter of picking out a card design, adding your own special holiday message and logo, and clicking send!

For more great tips like this on holiday mailings, check out Batchbook’s A Procrastinator’s Guide to Holiday Mailings.

Bradford Shimp is a blogger and marketing specialist at Batchbook, a social CRM for small businesses.

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