Realtors! Welcome To Direct Mail Manager!

We are happy to announce that we have added 100s of our Real Estate Design templates to! By doing so we are encouraging Realtors to use the most powerful direct mail tool available to small businesses. What makes it perfect for Realtors?

  • Helps simplify your Direct Mail programs

  • No quantity restrictions, mail as little as 1 postcard

  • Integrate into your current CRMs customer data

  • Mail to Neighborhoods or Radius of a Just Listed or Sold location

  • Report on your mail delivery and ROI success

  • Use our FREE Templates or upload your own artwork

  • Mobile landing pages and QR codes for property information

At Postcard Services we have seen a large increase in Realtors using the App and wanted to make sure all of our current and customers knew about it.

For many years I have been looking for the best way to do direct mail in my real estate business. I finally found the perfect company in Direct Mail Manager. The fact that they link with Infusionsoft is huge for us. With a push of a button we can have a campaign of postcards go out. The quality of the cards are awesome too. Thanks Direct Mail Manager you have saved me tons of money and time!

Remax RegencyChris Colgan


Why the increase in Realtor marketing?

As the housing marketing shrunk so did the Realtor marketing budgets. According to Surgeon’s Advisor, the smartest Realtors continued to use direct mail to stay ahead of their competition, but with smaller budgets our customers had to rethink how they utilized it. To help all small businesses and Realtors we created enabling users to take direct control of their direct mail with better pricing, lower required quantities and new tools. Small businesses have reacted and the amount of mail being sent through doubles month after month.

How to get started using Direct Mail Manager

It is easy to get started with Direct Mail Manager and we even offer a Free 30 Day Trial!

  1. Visit to sign up for your Free 30 Day Trial

  2. Upload or create a postcard

  3. Create a campaign

  4. Import or upload your mail list

  5. Mail!

That was easy! So how should you use it?

How you can maximize Direct Mail Manager?

So now that you have signed up for this great new direct mail tool, what are the best ways for Realtors to utilize it?

  • Send a thank you postcard after a house showing or meeting

  • Notify a neighborhood of your new listing or just sold

  • Farm neighborhoods that you want to list in

  • Create QR codes that link to mobile property Web Pages

  • Have multiple campaigns/offers and see which works best

  • Integrate with your CRM to increase your effectiveness

However you use it, our unbeatable pricing structure, 48 hour turnaround, free designs or upload and integrations to popular CRM and financial software you will save money and increase response rates.

Questions? Call us 800.924.1648

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