The PCS Open API Is Here!

Attention Developers! Now you can offer automated direct mail to your customers or integrate with your website, web app or software. Our API allows you to carry over many of the items available in our Campign Management area. Only programmers need apply since API Integrations can be serious stuff, but we have made our API simple and powerful.

Basic Details:

Our API gives you all the tools needed to import mailing lists to us and retrive customer order information back to your system if needed. Our API returns XML when when given an action and data via an HTTP POST. These standard methods allow for language/environment flexability and faster development times for you. API connections can be set up for Private Label (M3) Web-To-Print-Mail Stores, Postcard Services, Direct Mail Manager On-Demand Direct Mail and for 2ndShot Automated Mail.

For more information CLICK HERE to view our API Documentation


Last updated: June 2, 2014 at 18:52 pm

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