What can I expect from a Advantage Business list?

Postcard Services information is continuously updated from new directories, and is also telephone-verified. It’s the best business information available, but it is not perfect. You will still find a small percentage of errors and “out of business” names. It is not uncommon to have 5-10% undeliverable names, especially in industries with high levels of turnover.

The Finest Database of 14 Million U.S. Businesses

Our Sources:

  • 5,200 Yellow Page and Business White Page Directories
  • 17 Million phone calls to verify information. Every business is called one to four times a year.
  • County Courthouse and Secretary of State Data
  • Leading business magazines and newspapers
  • Annual Reports
  • 10Ks and other SEC filings
  • New business registration and incorporations
  • Postal service information including National Change of Address, ZIP+4 carrier route and Delivery Sequence Files

Select business prospects by:

  • Location – ZIP Code, Neighborhood, City, Metro Area, County, Area Code, State.
  • Type of Business – Yellow Page Heading, Major Industry Group, SIC Code or Professionals (doctors, dentists, etc.)
  • Business Size – Number of Employees, Sales Volume
  • Credit Rating
  • Location Type – Corporate Headquarters, Headquarters of a Subsidiary, Branch
  • Phone and Fax Numbers
  • Key Decision Makers/Executive Names

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