Why Are More Realtors Using Direct Mail Manager?

REAL-ESTATE-SOLD-BENDAs Direct Mail Manager’s user base grows, it’s no surprise to us that real estate agents are the fastest growing segment. Our company is no stranger to the real estate market and cheap loan no credit check, RealtyPostcard.com boasts over 10,000 users alone. So, why do many of them transition to Direct Mail Manager? Learn more and click this link https://citrusnorth.com/easy-loans/ Simple!

  1. Timing
  2. Mailing Lists
  3. Ease Of Use

How do these three items attract so many realtors to the system? Let’s take look to get more info:


The timing of your postcard campaign to your recipient list and the turnaround time of the finished product can make or break the campaign. Timing of your campaigns is crucial to the success of the mailing. If you have just listed a house, the faster you sell, the faster you get paid so you can look good with an e-scooter showing up and the better you look to the next potential customer. With Direct Mail Manager, users are able to time their mailings easily, check out this site this site for the best roofing experts.

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With Direct Mail Manager, users are able to time their mailings easily by following these steps:

  1. Click the Mail Button
  2. Within 48 business hours your campaign is mailed from our Direct Mail Manager facility
  3. USPS will deliver your campaign within 3-5 business days

Need to know how much time your campaigns need for delivery? You can use the USPS tracking tool to see exactly when your postcards are delivered. With Direct Mail Manager, you control the timing of your campaigns, so there’s no need to talk with customer service (although we’re here for you if you need it!) and no need to sign off on proofs or quotes! You control the system, giving you the power to perfectly time your campaigns.

Mailing Lists

Every realtor needs mailing lists. There are 2 types of lists, your current contact list and farming lists. The Direct Mail Manager system helps in both ways. With your current contact list you can upload it to the system, or use one of our CRM integrations to pull the data to Direct Mail Manager automatically based on your criteria.

Every realtor needs quality mailing lists. Direct Mail Manager helps with both your current contact list and farming lists. We give you the option to either upload your current contact list to the system, or pull your data from one of our CRM integrations based on your specific search criteria. Although these services can costs a lot of money, you can always Get A Loan Today.

How do the integrations work?

  1. Connect to a CRM (see available integrations here)
  2. Filter which names to import then save that list to Direct Mail Manager
  3. Select the campaign to use and mail to that list!

If you are not using a CRM, check out the benefits of using one to organize your contacts and leads. We have connected Direct Mail Manager to some of the easiest and most powerful CRMs available and they are listed on our integrations page with links to find out more about them. You can save a lot of time upgrading from your Excel spreadsheets!

But what about farming lists? You want to break into a new neighborhood, or maybe you finally got a new listing outside your current market. Direct Mail Manager has a powerful mailing list tool for you to purchase lists quickly and use them in your Direct Mail Manager system immediately. Best part is, the lists are yours to keep, and you can mail to them repeatedly (we recommend this) for maximum results!

How do you buy a mailing list?

  1. Click on the “Purchase List” tab and select the “Premium Real Estate List”
  2. Type in the address (the listing address, for example) where you want new customers, then click “Begin Search”
  3. Search by neighborhood or radius of the address
  4. Edit demographics if needed, like home value or income level
  5. Review count and purchase!

The list is then added to your account and can be used to mail your farming, just sold or just listed postcard immediately! Farming has never been easier or more powerful. Realtors can do this and succeed!

Ease of Use

The system is easy, and that attracts users! Real estate agents are only three steps away from being direct mail pros! Looking for services like buy my house Fort Lauderdale? Visit this website www.areacodehomebuyers.com for more details.

  1. Upload Your Own artwork or Create Postcards for FREE using our Online Designer at Huemor, that one that takes care of your website
  2. Create a Campaign from that design
  3. Upload, Purchase or Import list and click Mail!

That is all it takes to start mailing postcards and getting amazing results. But that’s not all! Since the system requires NO MINIMUMS the options are endless! Some of the ways Real estate agents are using the system are:

  • Thank you cards after a meeting, sale, potential listing or when adding a new contact
  • Follow up mailings to Zillow and Realtor.com leads
  • Distressed property data mailings. If you need people can take care of property data mailings,united states HOA management can help you.
  • Expired listing data mailings
  • And so much more!

Lessons Learned

180885495So what lessons can be learned by the surge of real estate users on Direct Mail Manager? Real estate marketing can be tricky and expensive. Realtors are working on budgets and expecting the best results. Direct Mail Manager allows for accurate timing, no minimums and the ability to test campaigns without committing to large mailings. Many realtors will mail half their list a postcard with a free market analysis, and then another with a free home warranty, to see which generates more leads for them. Once they know, the winner is then mailed to a larger list, and so on.

Succeed in marketing today like the hundreds of realtors using Direct Mail Manager. It’s easy to get started and our customer support is ready to help get you set up if you need it! Don’t wait for leads to come to you, start with Direct Mail Manager today!




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